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given what i have described, does it appear that i need to gently deepen each of the culprit nut slots? if so, what is the "ideal" distance between the top of the 1stof the nut. gently use the file the deepen the nut and once i scrape the gauges, i know i'm deep enough. question on how to file: do i hold the... checking nut slot depth | Forum This makes me think that the nut slots may not be deep enough. What is the easiest way to measure the depth of the nut slots? What would be an ideal measurement?

Careful builders set this right when they cut nut slots, but lots of manufacturers send out instruments whose nut slots are not deep enough. This causes intonation issues at the lower frets. It's not possible to set a zero fret too high (unless you choose huge fretwire for it), so this potential problem is avoided. I think my action is too high [Archive] - Mandolin Cafe Forum From my experience, on factory made instruments (I'm not picking on anyone- please no one take offense), is that the nut slots are usually not cut deep enough. And there's a reason for that, from the manufacturer's point of view. Go too deep and you've got a real problem and it probably means a new nut to do it right. Tool for filing nut slots - Remember too that the slot you are filing needs only to be deep enough to accommodate half the diameter of the wound strings. You will see many nut slots where the string is sitting away down in a deep slot and this can contribute to binding problems. Mike Munford Banjo Set Up | The Nut | Ross Nickerson The slots should be about the same size as the string or slightly wider. This will help eliminate string binding in the slot. Also, the slots should not be too deep. Just a slight bit of nut or bridge material above the level of the string will be plenty. 5th String Nut. A very important and often overlooked item is the 5th string nut.

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How to Replace Your Guitar Nut | Our Pastimes How to Replace Your Guitar Nut ... (plucked without any fingers on the fretboard), you may want to consider replacing the nut at the guitar peghead. A nut may need to be replaced due to wear and tear, or if a fret repair job has caused the tops of the frets to be too close to the string action of the grooves from the old nut. Prepare to remove the existing nut. Take a small block of hardwood, approximately 1/2-inch by 3/4-inch by 3/4-inch and place it snugly against the nut with the block ... Slots are not deep or long enough for anything other than standard size ... 2.0 out of 5 stars Slots are not deep or long enough for anything other than standard size of bread.

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Proper Nut Slot Height For Bass? | Fender Stratocaster Guitar ... I think the whole issue is that the nut slots are not deep enough. In my mind, the nut slots need to come down, and the shim needs to come out. When that is correct, I can raise the bridge saddles to compensate for lower string height.

As with anything that is done by hand, there is some variation. I've played new guitars where the nut is almost perfect for me, others where the nut slots are cut too deep and others where they are not deep enough. Most new guitars from any manufacturer could ...

Nut slot depth? Hello. How can I tell if my nut slots are not deep enough? I suspect that my action, at least on the bass side may be a little too high at the first fret. But to some degree, the relief ...

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Nut slots too deep? - Justin Guitar Community I wasn't clear enough. :p String height at nut/first fret is good, but strings are completely inside those slots. AFAIK especially bass strings shouldn't be completely inside nut slots. Tone Tips: Maximizing Tuning Stability | Premier Guitar

Proper Nut Slot Height For Bass? | Fender Stratocaster Guitar ...